Giant Teddy Bears Make Social Distancing Friendly

A cafe in Mexico has found a creative way to encourage social distancing by placing giant, cuddly teddy bears on its outdoor seating.

"This idea with these great teddy bears, I think everyone likes it. As a kid having a bear, I still have my teddy bear to this day. From when I was born to now more than 70 years of age. That is why I came to this place, to have a drink and to help out the business, and for us to be aware of social distancing," one customer said.

"The idea of putting teddy bears at tables, I think it's a simple idea that looks really good. It helps the place out as it doesn't look so sad with reduced customer numbers. And if you come with a face mask and keep your distance, businesses are doing what they can to make it safe to come. You can't ask a business to close for another three months," another visitor added.