Trump Assures Syria Strategy Hasn't Changed

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Trump Assures Syria Strategy Hasn't Changed

U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday said that his strategy on Syria has not changed, despite leaving some troops there.

"No, no. We're leaving 200 people there and 200 in another place closer to Israel," he told reporters in the White House.

One part of troops will be stationed in northeast Syria to helping prevent the resurgence of ISIS and avoid clashes between Turkey and the Kurdish fighters.

The remainder will be positioned at a base located near the Syria-Jordan border where troops can monitor ISIS remnants who operate west of the Euphrates River.

Trump showed reporters a sheet of paper to demonstrate the shrinking territory held by ISIS, showing two maps of the group's control before and after his election.

"Election night in 2016, everything red is ISIS," Trump said, pointing to the red on the map.

"Now on the bottom, there is no red," he said, adding, "Actually, a tiny spot, which will be gone by tonight."