Court Sentences 139 to Prison for Forming 'Bahraini Hezbollah"

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Court Sentences 139 to Prison for Forming 'Bahraini Hezbollah

A court in Bahrain on Tuesday sentenced 139 people to prison for trying to establish a cell called "Bahraini Hezbollah" in order to sow discord and carry out terrorist attacks in the country, the public prosecutor announced.

They were also charged with joining a "terrorist" group, bombings, attempted murder, and receiving arms as well as an explosives training.

Some had trained in Iran, Lebanon and Iraq, “at the behest of Iranian regime leaders who ordered the Iranian Revolutionary Guard elements to unify the Bahrain-based terrorist elements to carry out their plots and acts of terrorism against Bahrain,” Hammadi said.

The High Criminal Court sentenced 69 of the defendants to life in prison, 39 to 10 years, 23 to seven years and the rest to between three and five year, Public Prosecutor Ahmad al-Hammadi said in a statement.

Of those tried, 60 are still fugitives.

96 of the defendants were also fined $265,000 each.

All but one had their citizenship revoked, the statement said.