Iran Is Running 14 Terrorist Training Camps to Attack the West

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Iran Is Running 14 Terrorist Training Camps to Attack the West

Iranian opposition group, People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), attested through a map the presence of 14 suspected sites of military training camps across Iran run by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force unit, as revealed by Britain’s Daily Star.

The Daily Star report warned that Tehran will likely use these camps to train “proxies” to launch operations deep into Europe and in the US.

Spokesman for the PMOI, Shahin Gobadi, indicated that the so-called Quds Force Training Directorate is headquartered in the Imam Ali military base which is a 10-hectar land wide enough to host the 20,000 strong force.

Eight of the bases are allegedly centered in Tehran, one is based on Qeshm Island, in the Strait of Hormuz, while other camps are supposedly based in Ahvaz and Abadan, in western Iran and the final two are said to be in Semnan, central Iran, and Mashhad, in eastern Iran.

“The commander of the Quds directly reports to Ali Khamenei, the regime’s supreme leader,” Gobadi told Daily Star Online.

“In some of the countries in the region such as Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen, the Iranian regime’s proxy forces have directly been engaged in wars,” he explained.

“The clerical regime has provided all sorts of financial, material, logistical support, weapons, training to them and in reality is commanding them. In some other countries like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia the involvement has been in the form of training terrorists and dispatching them to these countries for acts of terror and sabotage,” he added.

Iranian proxies have been linked to incidents in France, Denmark, Germany, the US, Argentina, Thailand, Nigeria and more.

Gobadi told Daily Star Online it is believed that the Iranian regime continues to hand around $1 billion every year to Hezbollah which is its largest group connected to attacks on US forces in the 1980s.

“Iran has Hezbollah operatives in position to carry out a terrorist attack in the event of a conflict. That is the nature of the domestic threat Iran poses to the UK,” one source told the Telegraph.