Protests against President’s Extraordinary Measures to Resume in Tunisia

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Protests against President’s Extraordinary Measures to Resume in Tunisia

The “Citizens Against Coup” movement called for broad participation in a protest on November 14 against President Kais Saied and the extraordinary measures he took over the summer.

The protest movement, which includes political figures and activists, called for an end to the “arbitrary state of exceptional measures” in defense of constitutional and parliamentary legitimacy and solidarity with the judiciary.

During a press conference, they demanded the resumption of parliament’s activity, ending the suspension of the constitution and the formation of a national salvation government.

Former presidential advisor Abderraouf Bettaieb said Tunisia is in “international isolation,” especially since the United States, European Union and G7 all agree that there can be no return to cooperation with the country unless constitutional legitimacy is restored.

A statement by the movement said this is a defining moment in Tunisia’s history, which puts the country at the center of a political impasse that is threatening the people’s economic and social interests.

Various parties and organizations, including the General Labor Union (UGTT), had called on the president to form a plan that formulates reforms and sets a time limit for the exceptional measures that were imposed on July 25.

Source: Asharq Al-Awsat