UNIFIL Confirms Third Tunnel Crossing Blue Line

UNIFIL Confirms Third Tunnel Crossing Blue Line

The United Nations peacekeeping force in Lebanon, UNIFIL, on Thursday confirmed the presence of a third tunnel along the Blue Line on the Lebanese southern border with Israel.

“Recently, UNIFIL carried out a technical inspection of the last tunnel discovered by the IDF in northern Israel close to the Blue Line and across from the Lebanese village of Ramyah and following an independent assessment, it confirms that this tunnel crosses the Blue Line in violation of resolution 1701,” the statement read.

Israel had reported six tunnels but UNIFIL’s investigation has so far confirmed the presence of five, including three crossing the Blue Line.

“The Lebanese authorities have been informed about the violation and urgent follow-up actions have been requested in accordance with the responsibilities of the Government of Lebanon pursuant to resolution 1701,” the statement added.

“UNIFIL remains engaged with the parties to ensure that all activities in sensitive areas are duly coordinated, the Blue Line is fully respected by both sides, and to help the parties uphold their respective obligations towards the cessation of hostilities under resolution 1701,” the statement affirms.

Source: Kataeb.org