Audit Bureau Charges 463 People over Illegal Hires

Audit Bureau Charges 463 People over Illegal Hires

Prosecutor General of the Audit Bureau, Judge Fawzi Khamis, on Friday filed charges against 463 public servants who were illegally employees despite the hiring freeze put in place in 2017.

Article 21 of Law 46, ratified in August 2017, clearly stipulates halting employment in all public administrations and institutions for two years, unless approved by the government based on an assessment report carried out by the relevant authorities.

The charged individuals are distributed as follows: two affiliated to the General directorate of Cereals And Sugar beets, three to the Culture Ministry, 453 to OGERO and four to the Directorate of National Lottery.

LBCI channel reported that the Audit  Bureau will pursue OGERO chairman, Imad Kraydiyye, for refusing to cooperate with the probe, and to provide the documents and clarifications requested from him.