Syrian Refugees Attack Civil Defense Vehicle in Bekaa

Syrian Refugees Attack Civil Defense Vehicle in Bekaa

A Civil Defense member was seriously injured on Wednesday when a group of Syrian refugees hurled rocks at the vehicle he was driving at the Bekaa village of Deir Al-Ahmar, the National News Agency reported.

The attackers were allegedly annoyed by the Civil Defense's delay in sending a truck to extinguish a fire that erupted near their camp, and by the intensity of smoke and dust emitted when putting out the fire.

The Baalbeck-Hermel Governor, Bachir Khoder, announced a curfew for Syrian refugees until Friday morning in order to avoid any tensions between them and the residents of Deir Al-Ahmar.

Later, he announced that the Lebanese Army arrested 33 Syrians who are suspected to be involved in the attack.

On Thursday, it was reported that around 700 Syrian refugees have left the camp located near Deir Al-Ahmar village.