Carlos Ghosn Wins Second Bail in Japan

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Carlos Ghosn Wins Second Bail in Japan

Former Nissan chief, Carlos Ghosn, won his second bail for $4.5 million in Japan on Thursday as he faces four charges ranging from concealing part of his salary from shareholders to syphoning off Nissan funds for his personal use.

The court has set bail conditions specifying that Ghosn cannot leave Japan or see his wife, subjecting him to other restrictions to prevent him from attempting to flee or destroy evidence relating to the case.

Ghosn’s lawyer Junichiro Hironaka told reporters Ghosn's bail conditions included an "approval system" to see his wife, Carole.

"If the court approves it, she will be able to meet him," he affirmed.

"Further discoveries related to Ghosn's misconduct continue to emerge," a Nissan spokesman said in a statement.

"It was extremely regrettable that (the court) approved his bail even as it recognized that the accused had planned to work with people related to the case,” Deputy prosecutor Shin Kukimoto at the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office told AFP as they fear some evidence of the crime might be destroyed.