FBI Releases Newly Declassified Record on September 11 Attacks

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FBI Releases Newly Declassified Record on September 11 Attacks

The FBI Sunday morning released a newly declassified document related to logistical support given to two of the 2001 hijackers in the run-up to the September 11 terrorist attacks.

The document details contact the hijackers had with foreign nationals in the US but does not provide proof that senior Saudi government officials were complicit in the plot.

The Saudi Embassy in Washington said it supported the full declassification of all records to “end the baseless allegations against the Kingdom once and for all.” The embassy said that any allegation that Saudi Arabia was complicit was “categorically false.”

“As the administrations of the past four US presidents have attested, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has unwaveringly condemned and denounced the deplorable crimes that took place against the United States, its close ally and partner,” the Saudi embassy added.

Released on the 20th anniversary of the attacks, the document is the first investigative record to be disclosed since President Joe Biden ordered a declassification review of materials that for years have remained out of public view. The 16-page document is a summary of an FBI interview done in 2015 with a man who had frequent contact with individuals in the US who supported the first hijackers to arrive in the country before the attacks.

Biden last week ordered the Justice Department and other agencies to conduct a declassification review and release what documents they can over the next six months.

The heavily redacted document was disclosed on Saturday night, hours after Biden attended September 11 memorial events in New York, Pennsylvania and northern Virginia. Victims’ relatives had earlier objected to

Biden’s presence at ceremonial events if the documents remained classified.
The 9/11 Commission report in 2004 found “no evidence that the Saudi government as an institution or senior Saudi officials individually funded” the attacks that al-Qaeda masterminded.

Source: Associated Press