Madonna Addresses Major Causes in New Album

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Madonna Addresses Major Causes in New Album

Madonna’s new album “Madame X”, which includes songs in Spanish and Portuguese, tackles causes such as gun control, poverty and the marginalized.

“If you’re talking about the far right and the rights that are being taken away from, say the LGBTQ community or women’s rights ... obviously I am traumatized and horrified,” Madonna said in an interview with Reuters, stressing that she will keep fighting for those causes.

“There’s still an enormous amount of poverty in Malawi and the rate of HIV has gone down considerably but it’s not disappeared. There are) all the problems that are recurring in America because of new legislation so I am going to have to keep fighting for the same things,” the 60-year-old Queen of Pop added.

“It’s pretty frightening, yes, it’s pretty scary ... There is stuff going on everywhere in the world,” she said when asked how she felt about the state of the world.

"When you think about the amount of people who have died, been killed, have been wounded, whose lives have been changed irrevocably because of the lack of gun control in America, it’s such a huge, huge problem,” Madonna stressed as she expressed her dismay over the way the world has turned.

“I care deeply about it so I couldn’t not write about it. These are crazy times because we fought really hard for a lot of these freedoms and now it seems like they are all systematically being taken away ...It doesn’t make me feel hopeless. It just makes me want to fight back,” Madonna pointed out as she addressed abortion ban issues.

“Every song is a reflection of Madame X. Sometimes she’s a freedom fighter, sometimes she’s a cha cha instructor, sometimes she’s longing for love, sometimes she’s feeling nostalgic."

“I’ll keep speaking my mind, hopefully in an as artistic a way as possible because I do like to be political but I like to do it in a poetic way,” she added.