Saba Criticizes Government's Plan to Exempt Big Companies from Taxes

  • Economics

Kataeb politburo member Charles Saba criticized the government's plan to exempt some major companies from a certain type of fine totalling $115 million; a move that is set to be discussed during the Cabinet session on Thursday.

Later, it was reported that Prime Minister Saad Hariri withdrew the item pertaining to this issue from the meeting's agenda.

"The authority forces have constantly opted for political clientelism," Saba wrote on Twitter, deeming such a decision as a "heresy".

"These exemptions, which were supposed to be exceptional, have become the norm adopted by the ruling authority as a reward to violating companies, thus make them equal to those that pay their taxes," he added.

"Is this the way to secure funds to the treasury?? Is it by the legalization of tax evasion that you want to build the state of institutions?"

"Enough recklessness! Enough fooling the people! Everyone is now fully aware that you are responsible for the deficit that the country has reached!" Saba concluded in an address to the ruling authority.