Lebanon’s Banks Are Not out of the Woods Yet

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Lebanon’s Banks Are Not out of the Woods Yet

Most Lebanese banks might be able to increase their capital by 20 percent on Feb. 28 and may partially be able to repatriate part of the 3 percent liquidity from abroad, but the challenges that lie ahead may be difficult to absorb in the future.

All or most banks have apparently increased their capital by 20 percent, although many of them have not secured the 3 percent liquidity requirement, which could prompt the Central Bank to either put these lenders under its direct control or negotiate with them individually.

Bankers interviewed by The Daily Star have warned that 2021 may be one of the biggest tests they will face as the lenders will be obliged to increase their capital adequacy ratio (Basel III requirement) by 8.5 percent before the end of 2021.

The Central Bank Thursday said that the Feb. 28 deadline for all banks to increase their capitals and repatriate 3 percent of the liquidity from correspondent banks will not be extended.

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Source: The Daily Star