Tawile Says Lebanese' Humiliation Is a Natural Result of Authority's Approach

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Tawile Says Lebanese' Humiliation Is a Natural Result of Authority's Approach

Head of the Kataeb’s Economic and Social Council Jean Tawile on Wednesday stressed that the humiliation the Lebanese are today experiencing is a natural result of the authority’s approach, saying that the latest World Bank report accused the Lebanese politicians of badly adopting the economic and monetary policies so as to protect their interests at people’s live expenses.

“The support policy had been ongoing since the beginning, but officials' game was exposed during the crisis,” Tawile said in an interview with Voice of Lebanon radio station.

“Lebanon was supporting all the Lebanese State's imports in parallel with the policy of stabilizing the exchange rate, and upon reaching a stage where the presence of foreign currency reserves at the entral Bank became insufficient to implement this policy, they had to change it,” he added.

“In 2019, they started with the subsidy policy that we see today. We support the imports and the aim is to protect monopolies, namely because the interests of the political authority and companies that control the market allow them to resume with this policy,” he noted.

Tawile stressed that the system is adopting tactics in order not to carry out reforms, including the choice of making the Lebanese chose between the bad and the worse and when they made them chose between exchanging deposits to control prices and raising subsidies.

“We saw this approach a year ago in the fraudulent fuel file,” he said, affirming that the Lebanese Judiciary is not independent.

“Today, they are making the Lebanese people choose between either accepting humiliation or lifting subsidies,” he added.


Source: Kataeb.org