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TikTok, Shorts, Reels and Spotlight: Which Video Sharing Platform Will Win the Crown?

The wild popularity of short-form video is usually attributed to our dwindling attention spans. Unable to concentrate on anything for more than a few seconds at a time, we seek out the smallest possible chunk of entertainment before hurriedly moving on to the next. But length isn't the only reason that videos pick up millions of views; after all, we’ve been able to upload 15-second clips to online video services for many years.

Dolce & Gabbana Is Releasing an NFT Collection

The Italian house of Dolce & Gabbana will unveil its first non-fungible token collection in Venice in August. As part of its lavish Alta Moda, Alta Sartoria and Alta Gioielleria (high fashion, high tailoring and high jewellery) shows that will take place in the Italian city, Dolce & Gabbana is creating an NFT collection.