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Are the US and France Serious about Saving Lebanon?

The Biden administration has finally woken up to the danger of disregarding the economic crisis in Lebanon, hitherto considering the country a small, insignificant and secondary theatre in its geopolitical calculus. However, this awakening could yet come too late and at too high a cost. It may also lack momentum, vitality and the kind of strategic vision so desperately required right now.

TikTok, Shorts, Reels and Spotlight: Which Video Sharing Platform Will Win the Crown?

The wild popularity of short-form video is usually attributed to our dwindling attention spans. Unable to concentrate on anything for more than a few seconds at a time, we seek out the smallest possible chunk of entertainment before hurriedly moving on to the next. But length isn't the only reason that videos pick up millions of views; after all, we’ve been able to upload 15-second clips to online video services for many years.