Emmanuel Macron

UAE Agrees to Buy French Warplanes as Macron Visits Gulf

France announced the signing Friday of a 16 billion-euro ($18 billion) armaments mega-contract for the sale of 80 of its Rafale warplanes to the United Arab Emirates. The French Defense Ministry said the deal was France’s largest-ever weapons contract for export. It came as French President Emmanuel Macron is in the Emirates on the first stop of a two-day visit to the Persian Gulf. There was no immediate confirmation of the deal from Emirati officials.

Mikati :Successful Talks with IMF Key to Lebanon’s Rescue

Prime Minister Najib Mikati said Tuesday he was working to ensure the success of negotiations with the International Monetary Fund as an essential move to rescue Lebanon from an unprecedented economic meltdown. He also affirmed the government’s commitment to hold next year’s parliamentary elections on time, dispelling fears of any postponement or an extension of Parliament’s term as had happened in the past.