Jennifer Lopez to Receive CFDA's Fashion Icon Award

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Jennifer Lopez to Receive CFDA's Fashion Icon Award

Jennifer Lopez will be this year's recipient of a fashion icon award by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), Steven Kolb, president of the U.S. fashion’s governing body, told The Hollywood Reporter.

The award will be presented during a June 3 ceremony at the Brooklyn Museum in New York.

“At the board meeting [in March], it’s always the most discussed and debated award each year. There are so many worthy candidates, and everyone has really strong opinions, because style is objective, in terms of what people like and what looks good. But Jennifer has always been a steady presence in fashion and continues to be bold and make statements, and she’s someone who’s always noticed and talked about, and that makes her a perfect choice,” Kolb said.

“When you look at fashion and style and the way celebrities dress, even when they embrace it they can sometimes look like they’re holding it at arm’s length. They embrace it for reasons of being photographed or noticed, but you wonder if they really love it. But you can tell that Jennifer really loves it. She would be a style icon even if she weren’t on the red carpet. There’s a true love there that comes across in her style, and you can tell she thinks it’s fun,” Kolb said.

“Sometimes when we dress we get super comfortable in our uniform or our go-to designers, right? But that’s not Jennifer. She likes to mix it up, and that has a lot to do with the reason she’s getting the award this year. Of course, we also know her as ‘Jenny from the block,’ and the idea of a local girl wearing these big, international brands is pretty powerful. But she’s also always been very supportive of American designers,” he noted.