Louis Vuitton to Make Hand Sanitizers to Fight Coronavirus

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Louis Vuitton  to Make Hand Sanitizers to Fight Coronavirus

The French-based perfume maker LVMH recently announced plans to convert its cosmetics factories into hand sanitizer producers while distilleries in the U.S. are repurposing alcohol to make sanitizing solutions and giving them to customers for free.

LVMH, which produces scents for companies like Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton, said in a press release Sunday that it intends on producing hand sanitizer at its factories in France for distribution across 39 hospitals in the region.

The decision was made out of worry that there will be a sanitizer shortage in France, the company said. The gel will be delivered for free to French health authorities to combat the spreading virus starting Monday.

“LVMH intends to help address the risk of a lack of product in France and enable a greater number of people to continue to take the right action to protect themselves from the spread of the virus,” the company said in a press release, which was also posted on Twitter.

The move follows news that distilleries in the U.S. are giving out free disinfectant amid the spreading virus, which has killed at least 69 people domestically.

Last week, Old Fourth Distillery in Atlanta posted on Instagram that it plans to hand out free 95% alcohol-based sanitizer to anyone who stopped by and asked.

In Portland, Oregon, Shine Distillery and Grill announced similar plans on Facebook.


Source: USA Today