Dr. Sandra El Hajj: Eat Your Way out of Severe COVID Infection

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Dr. Sandra El Hajj: Eat Your Way out of Severe COVID Infection

The latest researches done in the last couple of months discovered something amazing related to why some people have COVID infections more severe than others.

More than 70% of your immune system lies in your gut.

Studies found that those who have a strong and healthy gut micro flora develop a less severe COVID infection.

The study also showed that those who had severe COVID-19 infections had several bacterial species missing inferring that these microorganisms may have the ability to prevent aggressive inflammation in case of infection. Bacteria such as B. adolescentis, F. prausnitzii, E. rectale, R. (Blautia) obeum and D. formicigenerans were individually linked to lower inflammation.

What makes these bacteria very important is that they keep calming down inflammations caused by the COVID virus.

How to solve it? Increase the number of these bacteria in your gut by either eating the following food or taking probiotics/prebiotics supplements!

Through food, you need to:

1- Eat food rich in Inulin and arabinoxylans. These include chicory roots, wheat, onions, banana, garlic, wheat, rye, barley, rice and oat.

2- Have a small amount of red wine daily

3- Add olive oil, sesame seed oil and pumpkin seeds.

4- Eat yogurt, banana, cashews, and cocoa powder.

5- Stop having anything with artificial sweeteners (diet sodas and diet candies).

With the passing days, more findings are being unveiled! So, eat your way out of severe COVID infection.

God be with everyone!!

Dr. Sandra El Hajj

Source: Kataeb.org