Abiad: The Risk of a Fourth Virus Wave Will Be Ever Present

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Abiad: The Risk of a Fourth Virus Wave Will Be Ever Present

Head of Rafik Hariri University Hospital Dr. Firass Abiad on Saturday warned against a possible fourth wave of coronavirus as Lebanon is moving to open the commercial sector and later schools.

“The risk of a fourth wave will be ever present. The high Covid numbers of the last few days are an ominous sign. For that reason, the drop in the number of cases in ER may be a false dawn. We should stay prepared,” Abiad wrote in a series of tweets.

“The number of patients boarding in RHUH emergency room has been decreasing lately, though it is still above 10, almost all critical. It might reflect the decline in the number of Covid cases in Beirut and Mt-Lebanon, or that more patients are being treated at home,” he said.

“However, more sick patients lately have been in the younger age group category. The main reason for their advanced condition is late presentation. This is one of the risks of being treated at home, especially without adequate supervision. Covid is a treacherous disease,” he added.

Abiad also explained that the demographic within Lebanon that is becoming increasingly impacted by critical cases of COVID-19 is younger people, contrary to previous months.

“Hospitals are suffering. Rising costs due to the increase in the prices of many supplies have had a grave toll. In addition, mounting talk on cutting or decreasing subsidies to medications and medical supplies have resulted in suppliers shifting to cash interactions,” he pointed out.

“Patients are also suffering. Hospitalization tariffs have not changed, leaving many hospitals with the choice of either to illegally demand out of pocket payments from patients or face financial ruin. Meanwhile, the average individual income continues on its precipitous fall,” he noted.

Source: Kataeb.org