Parliament Elects Members of Higher Council

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Parliament Elects Members of Higher Council

The Parliament on Wednesday elected members of the Higher Council, tasked with holding to account ministers and heads of state, in what is meant to be a step forward in the battle against corruption.

Kataeb MP Elias Hankache was elected to be part of the council, with 63 votes, along six other lawmakers.

The lawmakers who also won the vote are: George Okeis (Lebanese Forces), Ali Ammar (Hezbollah), Faysal Sayegh (Progressive Socialist Party), George Atallah (Free Patriotic Movement), Samir Al-Jeser (Future Movement) and Hagop Pakradounian (Tashnag Party).

MPs Roula Tabash (Future Movement), Salim Aoun (Free Patriotic Movement) and Ali Osseiran (Amal Movement) won by acclamation the three reserve posts in the council.

According to Article 80 of the Constitution, members of the council are re-elected with each new Parliament. It consists of seven MPs and eight judges

Three MPs and three judges are elected as reserves.

Any verdict issued by the council must be validated by at least ten of its members.