Kataeb Delegation Meets with Interior Minister

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Kataeb Delegation Meets with Interior Minister

Interior Minister Rayya Al-Hassan on Thursday met with a Kataeb delegation to discuss the implementation of the law on electronic transactions.

The delegation included MP Elias Hankache, former Minister Alain Hakim, Mr. Jean Haddad and Head of the Professional Computer Association, Kamil Moukarzel.

"We are planning a workshop to prepare the Metn municipalities to implement the e-documents laws under the patronage of the Interior Ministry," Hankache said following the meeting.

"We agreed on all the details. This project will see the light of day very soon," he added.

Hankache noted that talks had also focused on the latest political and economic developments in Lebanon, adding that the minister shares the delegation's concern over the criticality of the current phase the country is going through.

Source: Kataeb.org