Hankache, Mansourieh Delegation Meet with Energy Minister

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Hankache, Mansourieh Delegation Meet with Energy Minister

Kataeb MP Elias Hankache on Tuesday met with Energy Minister Nada Boustani along with a delegation from Mansourieh to express their concerns and put forth their demands regarding the high-voltage power lines project.

Following the meeting, Hankache said that talks did not reach a common ground, adding that divergences remain unaddressed regarding the controversial plan.

Speaking to Voice of Lebanon radio station earlier, Hankache stressed that the meeting is aimed at demanding that the power lines be installed underground, as has happened in other Lebanese regions.

The lawmaker reiterated that no one wants to disrupt the government's power plan, adding that health hazards of such a project cannot be dismissed.

Protests have been staged in the Metn area since 2011 to denounce plans for high-voltage power lines which, according to subsequent energy ministers, are needed to tackle the country’s electricity crisis as the project aims to connect a power plant in Mkalles to one in Bsalim.

Source: Kataeb.org