Media Council Blasts Campaign Distorting Kataeb's Image

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Media Council Blasts Campaign Distorting Kataeb's Image

The Kataeb Party on Thursday rebuffed the campaign aiming to tarnish its image and mislead the public opinion, refuting allegations claiming that the Kataeb lawmakers did not vote in favor of a bill that would allow the lifting of bank secrecry as part of the fight against corruption.

The draft law was not put to the vote during yesterday's Parliament session as it was referred to the competent committee for further study, read a statement issued by the Kataeb's Media Council.

“Had the draft law been put to the vote, the Kataeb party would’ve shored up its approval,” the statement stressed.

The Media Council pointed out that the issue of lifting bank secrecy and pursuing those involved in corruption lies at the heart of the Kataeb’s 131-point electoral platform (notably Article 15 till 21).

"The Kataeb’s proposal is not limited to lawmakers, ministers and senior employees, but also includes contractors who are awarded public projects," it added

"Therefore, the party supports the approval of this draft law and commits to voting for it," the statement affirmed.

The Kataeb party demanded the Parliament’s secretariat to disclose the minutes of yesterday's session in order to make everything clear to the public opinion, reitertating call for the endorsement of the Kataeb's 2010 proposal on electronic voting which would curb defamation attempts targeting lawmakers.