Dagher Calls for Abolishing Double Standards in Lebanon

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Dagher Calls for Abolishing Double Standards in Lebanon

Kataeb politburo member Serge Dagher on Friday said that the party supports the high-voltage power lines project in Mansourieh provided only that they would be installed underground, adding that the high cost should not be used as a pretext to endanger people's lives by installing the lines above the ground.

“Instead of purchasing the properties located near the power lines, let the acquisition funds be instead used to install the power lines underground,” Dagher said during an interview on OTV.

Dagher called for letting go of double standards in the country, wondering if citizens in other areas would have been treated with the same violence as the residents of Mansourieh.

“Why were the high-voltage power lines installed underground in Beirut? Why isn't the same thing applied in Mansourieh?" he asked.

Dagher reiterated that the appeal submitted to the Constitutional Council does not hinder the government's power plan, adding that it rather prevents the violation of laws.

Source: Kataeb.org