Najarian: Country's Problems Not Being Treated Thoroughly

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Najarian: Country's Problems Not Being Treated Thoroughly

Kataeb's Secretary-General Nazar Najarian on Thursday voiced regret that problems are not treated thoroughly in Lebanon where things are dealt with in a reckless and random way, expressing concern that the simplistic approach adopted to discuss the 2019 budget draft would lead to future problems.

"The government is seeking to reduce the budget deficit randomly just to appease the international community in order to unlock the CEDRE funds," Najarian said in an interview on Tele Liban.

"We fear that the government won't be able to commit to the figures included in the budget because the country's problems are not being treated in depth," he added.

Najarian stressed the need for the government to examine the state's structure, reduce expenses, control the state's resources and halt tax and customs evasion.

"They are seeking to boost the state's revenues by snatching LBP 5000 from here and LBP 10,000 from the citizens' pockets, while billions are being squandered in public institutions or through tax and customs evasion."

Najarian stressed the need to regain the international community’s trust, calling on the government to implement drastic structural reforms in the economy, administrations, resources management and spending.