Gemayel: Current Sectarian Incitement Aimed at Covering up Political Settlement's Failure

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Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Tuesday deemed sectarianism as a sedative more than a reality, calling on the Lebanese to be vigilant and not to get drifted along by this logic.

"Do not allow anyone to spoil our goal to build a state of law and justice; a state with a strong economy and where everyone is protected. All of this requires a sovereign, free and independent state," Gemayel said following talks with Grand Mufti Abdul-latif Deryan at Dar Al-Fatwa.

“Sectarian tensions we are witnessing today are nothing but an attempt to cover up the ruling authority's management fiasco," he stressed.

“We are witnessing a failure at all levels. The presidential settlement that was sealed a few years ago hasn’t been able to build a state of law [...]. Therefore, some are trying to use sectarian tensions to cover up all the mismanagement caused by the settlement," he added.

Gemayel voiced regret that the Lebanese are paying the price for this "sectarian game", saying that the political class is numbing the people through sectarian incitement to kill all the chances for a revolt against the bitter reality and the hard economic, health, social and environmental situation that the Lebanese are experiencing.

The kataeb leader called on officials to assume responsibility when performing their duties and exercising their prerogatives, saying that it is unacceptable to jeopardize the future of hundreds of thousands of Lebanese who work in the Gulf countries because of impermissible slips of the tongue.

"Instead of improving relations with other countries and being neutral towards ongoing regional conflicts, some are dragging Lebanon into these conflicts and harming ties with the countries that has been hosting the Lebanese and treating them with respect."

Gemayel expected sectarian incitement to go on in a bid to justify the "epic" failure of the ruling authority, adding that everything happening today is the result of the hybrid settlement that was based only on personal interests and partitioning goals.

Gemayel hoped that all political forces would seek Lebanon's best interest and work on establishing a free, independent, sovereign and civilized State where all the Lebanese would live in dignity.