Hankache Deemed Approval of State Budget Without Financial Audit as Ridiculous

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Hankache Deemed Approval of State Budget Without Financial Audit as Ridiculous

Kataeb MP Elias Hankache on Friday deemed the 2019 state budget without finalizing the audit of previous years' spending as ridiculous, saying that decision makers are the ones profitting from squandering and corruption in Lebanon.

“The budget as presented calls for a challenge,” Hankache said during an interview with Al-Jadeed TV channel, in which he asserted that the Kataeb party will not submit an appeal against it unless the proper base presented itself.

“Challenging the budget is a problem and not challenging it is a bigger one while the situation itself is very dangerous,” he added.

“Political forces are complicit in violating and flouting the laws,” he blasted.

The Kataeb lawmaker described the recent Parliament sessions as a legal, parliamentary and ministerial political "schizophrenia.”

“It is bizarre that the same lawmakers who appear to strongly denounce the budget plan are later on voting in favor of it in the Parliament,” Hankache criticized the double-facedness of the budget.

“I do not believe their promises anymore. You are touching the pockets of the poor and people with a limited income to repair the State and registering false figures to appeal to the donor countries instead of performing effective reforms,” Hankache lambasted.

“We are consistent in our stances and our conscience is clear with the people. We never made them believe that everything will be resolved with just the click of a button,” Hankache explained, noting that the Kataeb ministers resigned from the government when the waste management crisis exacerbated.

He outlined that the opposition lawmakers are the ones who are truly responsible of straightening the budget.

Hankache stressed that taking austere measures in the military institution is a matter pertaining to the army command and not to the government, calling for controlling illegal smuggling routes instead.

He emphasized the Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel’s suggestion of electronic voting (e-voting) to the Speaker of the Parliament.

“We don’t know who our allies are in the government; personal interests united them and the same ones will divide them,” Hankache said, ushering the failure of the political settlement.

“A complete generation can transfer Lebanon from one circumstance to another; it is not our destiny to suffer from the scourge of inertia forever,” he concluded.

Source: Kataeb.org