Aoun Promises Development Projects in Chouf

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Aoun Promises Development Projects in Chouf

President Michel Aoun on Monday pledged to allocate development projects in the Chouf area in order to keep the residents entrenched in their villages and to salvage Lebanon’s dense heritage from the numerous crises facing it.

“I vow to put an end to previous problems, that had created an imbalance and to promote a new era of revival. It is our duty to scrape conflicts,” Aoun told the visiting delegation from Chouf officials and sheikhs at the Beiteddine Palace in Chouf, the president’s summer residence.

“There is no unity in Lebanon without a unity in the Mountain, known for its Druze-Christian heritage,” he emphasized.

Aoun affirmed to reporters that the citizens will witness a gradual economic improvement in the country.

“We have a gradual reform program, and we will successively implement what was requested from us during the CEDRE conference. Some of the policies won’t be easy to realize because of the country’s financial situation,” he stated.