Gemayel: We Won't Allow Anyone to Take Credit for People's Protests

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Gemayel: We Won't Allow Anyone to Take Credit for People's Protests

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Friday noted that the state cannot go on harming people without expecting a reaction, reiterating the need to form a government of specialists.

In an interview with MTV channel, Gemayel affirmed that the Kataeb supporters will carry out with the protests tomorrow morning.

“Protests could’ve been avoided but the problem is that the state has exhausted people’s tolerance with additional taxes, oppression and suppression of freedom of opinion,” Gemayel noted.

“Who is responsible for the 25% increase in the public debt that happened three years ago, and the adoption of the ranks and salary scale without implementing reforms?”

“They are all to blame because the taxes’ hike decision and the salary scale law have been unanimously approved on. The people are fed up”

“PM Hariri’s speech has been uttered and warned against by the Kataeb three years ago but all they care about is partitioning political gains through the presidential settlement”

“Rioters are disrupting peaceful protests. Riots are inadmissible but rioters are present in all protests. It is up to the government to take action against them but that shouldn’t affect peaceful rallies,” he indicated.

“We have witnessed true national unity”

“Let things take their democratic, institutional and civilized course”

“Did the Lebanese pound’s collapse, the deficit and the financial problems transpire today?”

“The country must be saved and the government is incapable of restoring the people and the international community’s trust,”

The Kataeb leader reiterated the need for a neutral government of specialists and for new Parliamentary elections.

“If the existing government does not consent to those demands, let it shoulder responsibility for the street protests”

He emphasized that the government has to acknowledge its failure and its policies’ ramifications and to give way to a new government.

“The people were promised reforms but had money taken from their pockets”

“Everyone is aware of these reforms but the state does not want to implement any of it: management cleanup, border control, regulating the maritime properties and rented buildings, reduction of lawmakers’ and ministers’ salaries, lifting bank secrecy”

“They are asking for 72 hours to reconcile but the people don’t want them anymore. Nothing will happen after 72 hours”

“Failure is a collective responsibility that no one can derogate from”

“This is a historical turning point because protests are clear from sectarian impulses”

“We will not allow anyone other than the people to take credit for the protests”

“We are by the people’s side on the streets and there to help and support them”

“Lebanon and the world comprise tremendous skillful individuals who can form a small government that would pull us out of this crisis,” he declared.