Nasrallah: You Are Wasting Your Time; You Cannot Overthrow the Covenant

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Nasrallah: You Are Wasting Your Time; You Cannot Overthrow the Covenant

Hezbollah Chief Hassan Nasrallah on Saturday announced that his party does not back the call for the government’s resignation, heralding support to the covenant.

“What is needed today is not a new government but a new strategy,” Nasrallah said during a press conference, emphasizing that the new approach targeted the poor whereas another one would be implemented on everyone.

“You are wasting your time and that of the country’s because you cannot overthrow the covenant”

“A Technocratic government wouldn’t hold up for two weeks and those advocating its formation will be the first to try to depose it,” he claimed.

“We are resolute to cooperate with those working for the country’s interest and we won’t allow the country to be drowned or burnt,” he noted, highlighting the lack of national unity when certain political parties disown their responsibilities and blame others for the consequences.

He explained that the current financial and economic situation is the result of long buildup over the years which everyone should account for.

Nasrallah specified two dangers facing the country and would be its demise, one is the financial and economic collapse and the second one is the popular rising as a result of the erroneous reforms.

“Protests revealed that imposing new taxes to solve the crisis will lead to a ‘popular uprising’,” he said, pointing out that the government haven’t yet approved the new levies and it was still in the discussion phase.

“The message is clear; the Lebanese people cannot put up with additional taxes”

“The country is not bankrupt but needs a proper financial and economic management”

“We are frustrated with the banks but we never thought about taking to the streets,” he stressed, refuting claims that Hezbollah wanted to stage sit-ins against banks.

Nasrallah’s statement tried to pacify the unrest by assuring that any preventions from an economic collapse requires a bold move which might include taxes’ hike.

“The importance of these protests is that they weren’t driven by any political party or a foreign embassy or organization, but were a true and spontaneous cry for change,” he stated, warning people from having their movements adopted by any party that is in power.

He called on protesters to refrain from vandalism of public and private properties and from violent acts against the Civil Defense.

“If Hezbollah joined protesters, it would be interpreted as Iran supporting protests so it is best Hezbollah does not get involved,” he advised.

“If Hezbollah takes to the streets, it won't leave until the goals are accomplished,” he emphasized.