Gemayel: When 1.5 Million People Tell You to Leave, You Listen

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Gemayel: When 1.5 Million People Tell You to Leave, You Listen

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Monday blasted the Cabinet’s economic blueprint as the Lebanese crowds stirred up protests demanding the government’s resignation.

“The 1.5 million Lebanese did not take to the streets to talk you into working, nor so that you write down yet another roadmap to be added to tens of other ones you presented before,” Gemayel addressed the Lebanese people from the party’s headquarters in Saifi.

“When they tell you to leave, you listen”

“They are down on the streets to tell you that you lost their trust”

“This is the first time in Lebanon’s history where we witness citizens from all religions and areas standing in solidarity with one another, hand in hand, Muslims and Christians, with one dream of 80 years since Lebanon’s independence,” he acclaimed.

“Grant the people a triumph to decide its own fate, future and how to build a country”

The Kataeb leader spoke to the state authority to concede to people’s demands to introduce new Parliamentary elections so that they select their own representatives.

“It is up to you to give them this possibility; therefore, we renew our call today for the government’s resignation, formation of a neutral Technocratic government,” he stressed.

“We’ve broken the barriers today. This is the people’s uprising and we are all at the service of the revolution and the Lebanese people,” he declared.

“We wish nothing to ourselves but for Lebanon to rise again so that its citizens can live a better life,” he pointed out.