Popular Movement Issues Statement

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Popular Movement Issues Statement

The Popular Movement members and forces issued a joint statement on Monday noting that there’s no turning back after reaching this stage.

“The Lebanese youths have marked their victory, overhauling the ruling organization, in its sectarian and area-based parties, at the street protests,” the statement wrote.

“There’s no turning back. A new stage is initiated,” it added, noting that the new scene for the first time carries hope with it.

“We will remain on the streets until an independent rescue government of specialists is formed aloof from the governing authority,” it indicated.

The statement listed this government’s tasks which would include passing quick measures to stop economic collapse, squandering, fight corruption, resolve the economic and financial crisis as it adopts a taxation system that is fair to the poor class.

In addition it will form an independent investigative judicial committee to recover looted public funds and hold crooked politicians accountable.

It will be granted the jurisdiction to formulate a new electoral law providing fair representation and lower the voting age to 18.

Source: Kataeb.org