Gemayel: It is People's Turn to Speak

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Gemayel: It is People's Turn to Speak

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel explained that as Lebanese citizens, not as partisans, the party supporters form an essential part of the protests but that now is the time for people to express their word.

"I am proud of being one of the instigators of a revolution for over five years through my stances, statements and Parliamentary and political performances; however, I am not the one who set the time for it and I am not the one who controls it,” Gemayel told Lebanon Debate website.

“People’s pain, hunger, weariness of corruption and the corrupt, and disregard of their demands, needs and concerns ensued an outbreak,” he pointed out.

“The solution lies in acceding to people’s demands. There’s no room for accomplishing any political, party and bloc profits out of this movement,” he assured.

“This is the time for accountability. The people are soliciting for their rights of human dignity, freedom and an equitable state,” he elaborated, noting that no one will accepts to be a tool in the hands of the corrupt anymore.

“It is people's turn to speak,” Gemayel clarified his refusal to be interviewed by local media.

“It is true that lawmakers are the appointed representatives of the people but no need for representation when they are themselves here,” he declared.

“We were elected to undertake duties at the Parliament and we fully took up the task, but now that time has come for demonstrations to take place, we are standard citizens”

“I recall saying during the last discussion of the 2019 state budget in the Parliament meeting that I fear that an economic and social collapse as well as a street outburst would precede our next meeting to tackle the new budget,” he mentioned.