Gemayel: People's Vote in Early Elections to Determine Parliament's Fate

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Gemayel: People's Vote in Early Elections to Determine Parliament's Fate

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Thursday pointed out that people’s demands are clear but the problem lies in those who do not wish to hear them, stressing that the government’s resignation and change in the political class would happen under an explicit constitutional and institutional mechanism.

“If the government resigns, an independent Prime Minister would be assigned as 1.5 million of the Lebanese have requested. The government of specialists’ formation would provide citizens with the decision to turn the table on all politicians and hold them accountable,” Gemayel told LBCI TV channel.

“Don’t let anyone scare you of the political vacuums’ consequences and the nation’s collapse because such talks are not true,” he stated.

“The government is tasked with introducing early Parliamentary elections,” he said hoping that the electoral law would be modified but that lawmakers support the government and will not consider changing it first.

Gemayel allayed the people by reminding them that the 2005 Parliamentary elections used the same old electoral law and was able to accomplish a Christian breakthrough.

He indicated that the Cabinet reshuffle, as suggested in the President’s speech, is a farce because the people care less about moving Ministers’ seats.

“Their problem is with how these officials reached those positions. People’s demands are clear that are the formation of a Technocratic government that would pave the way for a democratic transfer ending with Parliamentary elections”

“Protesters will be able to enforce accountability on those who lied and deceived them and who led the country to this stage”

“The problem is structural put forth through partitioning and settlements at people’s expense, their livelihood and the country’s future,” he noted.

The Kataeb leader emphasized that the party has warned for four years of the same concerns the people are voicing out now, but back then, it was critiqued and labelled as a traitor.

“Let us grant people the freedom of decision in the ballot boxes. We’ll all step down and we’ll allow everyone to choose who they want and who they don’t want,” Gemayel highlighted, calling on people to carry on using the same slogan “All of them means all.”

“The people are the decision-makers, we are mere employees working for them so they are the ones to choose what’s best for them”

“The Lebanese took to the street to demand the government’s resignation, we must respect people’s choice so the political authority that got us to where we are now has to bear responsibility for its actions,” he blasted.

Gemayel deemed Hezbollah’s refusal for the Cabinet’s resignation as it might lead to the unknown as a mere intimidation attempt, since the constitutional mechanism is there.

“If the Cabinet stepped down, there will be Parliamentary consultations to appoint a new Prime Minister, henceforth the system is clear,” he explained.

“Just as the Cabinet will resign, the Parliament will do too out of respect to people’s wishes and it would give its confidence vote to a neutral government of specialists same as what happened in 2005”

“I will be the first to resign once new elections are scheduled so that the entire Parliament withdraws, not just the opposition force”

“Kataeb MPs along with Independent MP Paula Yaacoubian are willing to step down if that will lead to early Parliamentary elections. What would be the point of resigning if all other members of the council remained put?”

“I believe we have a role to play in safeguarding the democratic transition, once that is accomplished, we will resign”

“They are betting on people to get tired and leave. They are trying to transform this civilized revolution that we are proud of into a violent scene”

“This protest belongs to the people, it should not be politicized unless to protect it,” he said, explaining that “we had to join the Jal el-Dib and Zouk Mosbeh demonstrations so as to retain the assembly in the face of oppressive attempts to disperse it,” he elaborated.

“No one speaks on behalf of this revolution, decides and leads it but the Lebanese people. We keep abreast and stand by protesters’ side when need be,” he announced.