Sayegh Assures that Cabinet's Resignation Is Inevitable

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Sayegh Assures that Cabinet's Resignation Is Inevitable

Kataeb's Deputy-President Salim Sayegh on Tuesday assured that the government’s resignation is inevitable and is only a matter of time, noting that the Premier’s resignation would compel everyone to face their responsibilities.

“A conviction has been reached that the country cannot afford another day in this crisis because the structure was already tumbling down before the protests began,” Sayegh told Voice of Lebanon radio station.

“Everyone is aware that protests are bigger than a mere revolution and a change in approach should occur,” he stated.

Sayegh found the Central Bank governor’s statement as an opportunity for the Prime Minister’s negotiations with authority figures to reduce pressure on him only if he renounces his responsibility for the financial collapse and proposes a change.

“The Free Patriotic Movement should count their losses, especially Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil who believes he can control the President and speak on behalf of all the constitutional institutions which is unacceptable,” he condemned.

Sayegh hailed Maronite Patriarch Bechara al-Rahi’s stances in support of the anti-corruption protests as he urged the Cabinet to resign and form a Technocratic government that obtains people’s trust.

He pointed out that the Patriarch, the President and some authorities are engaging in discussions to reach a waiver from all involved parties.