Gemayel Lambastes Delay in Government Formation

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Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Monday slammed the delay in the Cabinet formation noting that it exacerbates the crisis, deeming it shameful to count on people to break or on suppressing them.

“We do not want a technopolitical government, or a political one, or any suggested biased form of a government,” Gemayel said during a press conference at the party's headquarters in Saifi.

“We want an independent government that restores the international community’s trust, embarks on reforms and alleviates the monetary condition,” Gemayel stressed.

“The people are calling for implementation of the Constitution, early Parliamentary elections and appointment of a new Prime Minister while you are procrastinating and asking them to form committees to negotiate with you,” he stressed.

“The people are tired of closed doors, of political settlements and deals and are pleading for their demands to be respected,” he emphasized.

“How will the people trust you in resolving the country’s crisis while you are incapable of even forming a new government?”

“Politicians should take a six-month break to review their steps before running for early elections,” he proposed.

“A neutral technocratic government and specialized ministries are needed in a transitional phase until early Parliamentary elections are set up which would generate people’s true representatives,” he stated.

“The Parliament’s mandate can be shortened same as it was extended to allow people to express their opinion and we have submitted a law to the Parliament calling for that,” Gemayel explained that if approved, Parliament elections will be held in six months.

"Holding fast to your seats has destroyed the country"

“Why are you afraid if you trust yourself?”

“As an opposition force to the political settlement and the partitioning logic of detrimental implications, we urge all blocs and parties to acknowledge Lebanon’s need for a neutral competent government,” he indicated.

“The current mentality is destroying the country and egging on corruption which the citizens refused,” he lambasted.

“Those protesting in the streets are not happy to be there; they are suffering and weary but this is their chance for a better life, better future for their children and better country” he declared.

“Today, we can see the Lebanese dreaming again and aspiring for an improved country,” he noted.