Hankache Affirms Kataeb's Non-participation in Upcoming Government

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Hankache Affirms Kataeb's Non-participation in Upcoming Government

Kataeb MP Elias Hankache on Tuesday deemed the delay in the binding parliamentary consultations necessary to form a new government as aberrant.

“This is a deliberate attempt to procrastinate while the people took to the street in protest against the ruling circle’s mentality,” Hankache indicated in an interview with Elnashra news.

“Blocking the roads is a means of applying pressure on the ruling authority; opening the roads is in the state’s hands not in the protesters’,” he explained.

Hankache considered that the delay is but an undermining of people’s will and a predetermined accord on a government structure that is a constitutional violation.

He condemned the way the state is dealing with the situation given that it is implementing the same old mentality of partitioning and deals.

“This does not work anymore. Everyone must assume responsibility,” he stated, urging the move towards swift parliamentary consultations and government formation.

“The previous parliament election has given political forces a chance but they failed,” he said, adding that “it is no longer possible to continue following the same approach.”

“A government of specialists is much needed to salvage the economic condition”

The Kataeb lawmaker explained that the party favors adopting small electoral constituencies in a winner-takes-all system, pointing out that it is the best method for the Lebanese composition as people would be able to elect those it knows well.

“The electoral law falls on the current Parliament’s tasks. Even if the law was unchanged, political forces will not remain in power because people will move toward change as they cast their votes,” he explained.

“Despite cutting off the roads, the state did not take action to meet protesters’ demands. How come if it was not closed?” he questioned.

He affirmed that the party will not participate in the upcoming government.

Source: Kataeb.org