Sayegh Calls On Aoun to Hold Officials with Dubious Files Accountable for Their Actions

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Sayegh Calls On Aoun to Hold Officials with Dubious Files Accountable for Their Actions

Kataeb's Deputy-President Salim Sayegh on Thursday urged the President to start holding officials with dubious files, especially those in his own home, accountable for their actions because this is how change starts.

In an interview with the government-run Tele Liban television channel, Sayegh hailed students who took to the streets today to usher change, noting that such activities revitalize political movements as a starting point to restore trust in the country.

“This political class has failed as officials tossed the blame on one another. It is time they leave,” he declared.

He called for a government of specialists and a new transitory phase that brings about early Parliamentary elections with a positive impact to rid the country of these crises.

He told the Strong Lebanon parliamentary bloc deputies, headed by Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, not to wait one another to walk out from the bloc, before it is too late.

“The political settlement is all about power-sharing arrangements and partitioning, lacking any joint vision to rescue Lebanon,” he condemned.

“Today’s events are the most important in Lebanon’s history since its independence. Protesters are united by their fight for human dignity; they are not driven by politics,” he assured.

“The proposed $0.20 WhatsApp tax acted as an alarm bell that awoke the Lebanese to the status quo. Demonstrators won’t back down until a government that meets their aspirations is formed,” he asserted.

“The Prime Minister satisfied protesters’ demands; however the President did not make a crucial decision on binding Parliamentary consultations,” Sayegh pointed out.

“Dictatorial regimes are casting blame upon foreign agencies and embassies to justify their own mistakes, hence why the Kataeb party was accused of hidden support of the protests,” he denoted.

“The people uprose in a second against the entire political class concept and its institutions. Our people gained awareness and are determined to make a change,” he stressed.

“What is needed today is to recover looted funds, set up political reform, introduce early Parliamentary elections and curb corruption,” he encouraged.