Aoun Meets with UN Special Coordinator Jan Kubis

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Aoun Meets with UN Special Coordinator Jan Kubis

President Michel Aoun received on Tuesday the United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon Mr. Ján Kubiš together with the Ambassadors, representing the members of the International Support Group for Lebanon (ISG).

During the meeting at the Baabda palace, President Aoun informed the participants about the current political and economic situation in Lebanon and its root causes.

Aoun outlined the envisaged way forward, notably as regards the forming of the new government soon through a process of binding parliamentary consultations, requesting assistance of the international community in dealing with the economic situation and reforms as well as with return of Syrian refugees back home.

In his turn, Special Coordinator Mr. Kubis called upon the country’s leadership to urgently nominate the Prime Minister-designate, start the mandatory process of parliamentary consultations and to maximally accelerate the process of the formation of the new government of personalities known for their competence and integrity, trusted by the people.

“Such a Cabinet, formed in line with the aspirations of the people and supported by the broadest range of political forces through the Parliamentary vote of confidence, will also be in a better position to appeal for support from Lebanon’s international partners,” he stated.

Kubis underlined that the national interest and unity of Lebanon must be put above any other considerations.

“Continuous protection of peaceful protesting civilians by the security forces, also against provocateurs, maintenance of law and order and the functioning of the state and its economy without using force or violence is the paramount responsibility of the leadership of Lebanon and its security forces, the only way to ensure civil peace and national unity,” he asserted.

“It is essential that the authorities prioritize urgent measures to maintain the country’s monetary, financial and economic stability as well as to put the necessary reforms, good governance, end to corruption and accountability without impunity on the right and fast track in a transparent manner”

“The financial and economic situation is critical, and the government and other authorities cannot wait any longer to start addressing it,” he warned, highlighting the need to implement measures that would give the people confidence and guarantees that their licit life-time savings are safe, that they can continue their normal life.

“The continuous absence of executive and legislative action only compounds the crisis, contributes to social instability,” he cautioned.

“The UN is ready to support urgent and long-term steps and measures, that will contribute to fighting and preventing corruption, strengthening good governance, accountability, contribute to inclusive growth and job creation, leading towards sustainable growth and stability of Lebanon, that will prioritize the needs and concerns of the people, its ever-younger population, its women,” he declared.

He affirmed that the UN is committed to supporting Lebanon, its political independence, non-interference into internal matters, unity, stability, security, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Source: United Nations