Kataeb Party Calls on President to Schedule Binding Parliamentary Consultations

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Kataeb Party Calls on President to Schedule Binding Parliamentary Consultations

The Lebanese Kataeb party on Wednesday warned of the repercussions of indolence and negligence put forth by the political authority, cautioning against attempts to retain a stagnant political class.

“The party views the President’s stance in his televised address on Tuesday as oblivious to the recent developments in the country,” read a statement issued following an exceptional meeting of the Kataeb's politburo.

The politburo warned that denial, disregard of the uprising’s triggers and protesters’ demands would lead to escalation as people are breaking the shackles of sectarianism, regionalism and party strings to stand in opposition of a flippant ruling class.

“The party urges the Lebanese to stay united to build a new country with purely upright components that is free from a mentality of corruption and clientelism.”

The statement implored the President to use his constitutional prerogatives to save the political and economic entitlements and to embark on scheduling binding parliamentary consultations to designate a Prime Minister and Cabinet that meet people’s demands of a small-scale government of specialists.

The party called on its partisans to maintain strong momentum, active and peaceful popular movements, sparking alerts of escalation in the country’s crisis.

“The Kataeb party expresses its sincere sympathy for the peaceful protests’ loss of its first martyr,” the statement read, as the party extended its condolences to the family of the martyred Alaa Abou Fakher.

The party requested ringing church bells and raising prayers timed with the deceased’s funeral rites on Thursday at 13:00.

Source: Kataeb.org