Former President Comments on Bickfaya Incident, Responds to Allegations

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Former President Comments on Bickfaya Incident, Responds to Allegations

“In the light of the recent provocations of the Free Patriotic Movement supporters and its seditious attempts in different Lebanese areas, the latest of which is my town ‘Bickfaya’, MP Hekmat Dib presented flimsy justifications for his party’s painful, immoral and uncivilized demonstration,” Gemayel said in a statement issued on Thursday.

“Bickfaya is characterized by its openness, peaceful and welcoming surrounding for relatives and strangers alike; hence it denounces cheap goading endeavors,” he stressed.

Gemayel urged MP Dib to weigh up his facts, denying allegations that he played a role in the Puma aircraft sale or hold responsibility over any deal violations as proved through investigations led by a special parliamentary committee in 1994.

The Former President also remarked that claims of his ownership of properties on the Lebanese coast are false.

“I regret that the gracious lawmaker is using such a contemptible, hackneyed and tendentious approach to political engagement without fact-checking and verifying facts first,” the statement wrote.

“Such allegations are not honorable to those who assume power of the nation and legislate for the Lebanese’s best interest,” Gemayel added.

On Tuesday, a pro-FPM convoy gathered outside Gemayel’s residence in Bickfaya accusing him of corruption in the files of the Dbayeh marina and the Puma aircraft controversy.