Hankache: Political Organization Has Been Shaken by People's Revolution

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Hankache: Political Organization Has Been Shaken by People's Revolution

In an interview with al-Jadeed TV station, Hankache slammed the bank transactions that led to a capital flight, criticizing powerful people for being able to move funds overseas while citizens cannot.

“The ruling class is attacking the Central Bank for what it’s happening while it is an accomplice to it,” Hankache stated.

“Had officials felt citizens’ pain, they would’ve formed a government right after Hariri’s resignation,” he pointed out.

The Kataeb official called on a government formation of independent specialists so that political bickering does not reflect badly on government work.

“The people have asked for a government of specialists that would pave the way for early Parliamentary elections in order to enter a new phase,” he explained.

“People’s laid down criteria similar to that of Nawwaf Salam; hence why we nominated him,” he indicated.

“Failing to name a candidate is a remiss from holding responsibility because there’s a chance to create a kind of balance that would deliver a person to power that is close to the people,” he highlighted.

“Lebanon’s economy is facing a huge problem that can only be resolved by granting confidence to the people and the international community”

“How can an individual that is nominated by Hezbollah to be given international confidence and support?” he questioned.

“The party will remain steadfast to its stances and values no matter what”

“It it were our goal to obtain ministerial and deputy seats, we would’ve partaken in the settlement”

“In all of the party’s battles, we were mocked for betting on (believed to be) an ‘unresponsive’ public opinion; but, 4 years later, the people revolted,” he emphasized.

Source: Kataeb.org