Kataeb Party Stresses Need to Intensify Coronavirus Tests to Curb Its Spread

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Kataeb Party Stresses Need to Intensify Coronavirus Tests to Curb Its Spread

“Based on many successful experiences conducted globally, providing as much coronavirus tests as possible has led to detect more infected people and thus limit the spread of the virus, “said a statement issued following the weekly meeting of the Kataeb's political bureau that was held online.

The party called for removing the complications of the slow bureaucratic state so as to address the people’s needs as soon as possible, stressing the need to provide the Lebanese while their home with the necessary social facilities and assistance.

“The security services must expand curfew restrictions on all citizens to prevent the spread of the virus,” the statement said.

The political bureau urged officials not to allow the adoption of places that do meet the specified criteria to quarantine infected people without health supervision, calling for combining all efforts to prepare the government hospitals and secure medical personnel before considering alternative solutions.

The party renewed its demand to organize the return of the Lebanese stuck abroad, calling the government to secure a quick and safe plan for their return with no additional expenses.

“The main reason behind the deteriorating situation the state's financial, political, economic and health facilities have reached is due to the approach that is prevailing over the country," the statement said, adding that necessary plans need to be imposed to overcome the crisis.

The party deemed expanding the Costa Brava and Burj Hammoud landfills as the only solution to treat the waste crisis and prevent the garbage from flooding the streets again.

Source: Kataeb.org