Dagher Discusses the Hamra Incident, Calls on People to Take to the Streets

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Dagher Discusses the Hamra Incident, Calls on People to Take to the Streets

Political relations ‘coordinator and Kataeb political bureau member Serge Dagher on Friday voiced regret over the suicide incident that took place earlier this morning in Hamra, deeming what happened as a disgrace to President Michel Aoun, Prime Minister Hassan Diab and everyone who contributed in the situation the country has reached today.

“Every person that has participated in the presidential settlement, elected General Michel Aoun as a president and has been in the power for 30 years until now is responsible for what we are going through today,” he told MTV.

Dagher renewed his call to hold early parliamentary elections and form an independent government that would help produce a new political class, urging PM Diab and his government to resign.

“This government has failed miserably; they talk about achievements while people are drowning in hunger and sufferings,” he said.

The Kataeb political member accused Hezbollah of posing an existential threat to Lebanon, saying that as long as the party still exist things will not get any better and the situation will remain the same.

“The State has always been the resistance; the Lebanese army and the State are the ones that will defend the country facing Israel,” he said.

“The companies and the institutions ‘owners that are trying to survive in this critical period are the true resistance,” he pointed out.

“The normal place for any opposition in this world is the Parliament that can hold the government accountable,” he added.

Dagher called on all hungry people to strongly take to the streets, saying that the Kataeb party has been working with a group of Lebanese unsatisfied with the current condition so as to form an objection situation that presents itself in a serious manner.


Source: Kataeb.org