Kataeb Party Reiterates Importance of Neutrality Principle

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Kataeb Party Reiterates Importance of Neutrality Principle

The Kataeb party on Tuesday reiterated the importance of the neutrality principle, deeming it as the only way to preserve the country’s uniqueness and its components.

“Neutrality isn’t translated into weakness but rather it is the title of the State’s sovereign and the strong army,” said a statement issued by the Kataeb Political Bureau following its weekly meeting at the party’s headquarters in Saifi, warning against altering and dragging the remarks made by Patriarch Bechara al-Rahi into sectarian strife and disputes.

“Not committing to the national charter and neutrality means retreating the country from stability,” it added.

The party’s political bureau accused the government of ongoing failure, saying that it is in absolute denial of a reality that the Lebanese has never witnessed.

“This government has proved it has failed in managing all sort of files starting with the International Monetary Fund file to the economic and financial crisis issue and increased prices as well as the bankrupted sectors that are now unable to produce due the current situation that is prevailing over the country,” it said.

The political bureau wondered how the government and the authority have maintained silent about the attack that was carried out on activist Wassef el-Harake in front of the Voice of Lebanon building by the companions of minister Ramzi Musharrafieh, calling for his resignation so he can be an example in time of the police State’s dominance, freedoms’ suppression and media intimidation.

The Kataeb party recalled the government to take strict and necessary measures so as to curb the spread of coronavirus namely towards returning expats, urging it to follow-up on people who are home quarantined so to make sure they are respecting the required procedures.


Source: Kataeb.org