Kataeb Party Calls on State to Prove Its Existence

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Kataeb Party Calls on State to Prove Its Existence

The Kataeb party on Tuesday slammed the Lebanese government for not responding to yesterday’s clashes that occured between Hezbollah and the Israeli army in the disputed Shebaa Farms area, calling on the State and President Michel Aoun to prove their existence namely since the supposed response was, or will be, carried out from the Lebanese territories in retaliation for an Israeli operation that has targeted Iranian and Hezbollah's sites in Syria.

“The government’s absence from a major military incident similar to the confrontation that took place yesterday on the Southern border is deemed as vacuum of power and an existential abolition to the State and its apparatus,” said a statement issued by the Kataeb Political Bureau that was held online.

“The resounding official silence was filled out by a statement issued by Hezbollah citing that the response to yesterday’s clashes was definitely coming, including a threat to the Iranian ambassador to Beirut with a stronger strike from Hezbollah,” it added.

The political bureau stressed that the recurrence of such events drives the Lebanese to seriously think about neutrality, deeming it an urgent need so that the country would return to its normal condition and the State would restore its decision making.

“The international community has unanimously agreed on the State’s need to expand its authority on its entire territory so as to alleviate stability in parallel with any attempt to revitalize the economic situation,” the statement said.

The Kataeb party voiced regret over the detoriating situation the country is going through amid coronavirus outbreak, accusing the government of neglecting the governmental hospitals’ needs and its failure in supplying them with the needed artificial respiration machines as well as other materials.

“Those concerned with this issue are required to seriously deal with the problem, provide hospitals with the needed materials and secure the Lebanese with the necessary examinations,” the party said.


Source: Kataeb.org