Hassan: Every Violator to the Lockdown Measures Will Be Defamed on Media

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Hassan: Every Violator to the Lockdown Measures Will Be Defamed on Media

Caretaker Health Minister Hamad Hassan on Friday announced that all violators as well as every person who does not adhere to the lockdown measures and the home quarantine will be defamed on media, saying that district and governorate doctors will prepare a daily report on how far the regions have committed to the general mobilization so as to follow up on the field data and act upon it.

"We have agreed with the World Bank to pay the medical bills that are presented to patients, and we are following-up with the government’s hospitals to increase the number of beds,” Hassan said in a televised conference.

“Aid are available to all governmental and private hospitals in coordination between the Health Ministry and the Army Command,” he added, stressing that within a week of the explosion, medicine warehouses in Karantina region were restored and work is being carried out to distribute them to centers in various regions.

Hassan affirmed that the battle against coronavirus is not over, saying that awareness campaigns must be relaunched through all media platforms.

“We have entered into an agreement with the World Health Organization to secure Lebanon's share of the possible vaccine for coronavirus, and coordination is underway with Russia to provide a package of the Russian vaccine,”

“Let us exert our utmost efforts in this difficult and delicate stage we have reached today. The general mobilization period will be aimed at reducing contact between the citizens and the medical teams,” he added.



Source: Kataeb.org