Adib Calls on Political Forces to Facilitate Government Formation

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Adib Calls on Political Forces to Facilitate Government Formation

Prime Minister-designate Mustapha Adib on Monday called on political parties to swiftly facilitate the government formation process, saying that Lebanon cannot bear to waste any more time amid the unprecedented crises it is going through today.

“The pain of the Lebanese people that is echoing across the nation and through the “death voyages” at the sea requires the cooperation of all parties so as to facilitate the formation of a new mission government with a specific program,” Adib said in a statement.

“A new mission government comprised of specialists that would be able to halt the collapse plaguing the country today and restore people’s confidence in their country and its institutions,” he added.

“I did not spare any efforts to realize the mission government with President Michel Aoun,” he noted, hoping for everyone to exert their utmost efforts so that the French initiative would immediately work without any delay.

Adib warned that any additional delay will only worsen the crisis in Lebanon and will deepen it, saying that it will push people towards more poverty and the State towards more deficits.

“I don’t think anyone can hold their conscience responsible for causing more pain to a people that has already suffered a lot and still is,” he pointed out.